Vet Your Date – Terms and Conditions of service

Andy Bartram, trading as Vet Your Date (herein known as VYD), takes no responsibility for any actions taken by clients further to work conducted on their behalf by VYD.

VYD does not provide advice, only information sourced directly from the internet (and therefore publicly available at the time of searching).  

VYD can not guarantee to trace every piece of information about the subject that may be available through open source analysis of the internet.  VYD will not therefore accept liability for any information about the subject that is missed at the time.

VYD takes no responsibility for the future actions of individuals for whom research has been conducted upon (“the subjects”). For example, if a relationship develops further to VYD research and a partner subsequently becomes violent VYD accepts no responsibility.

All work must be paid for in advance.  

VYD is not a private investigation agency and will not conduct the work of a private investigator.  The service you are paying for is open source intelligence analysis.

For personal safety reasons clients must not inform subjects of the utilisation of VYD's services and must not disseminate any report provided further.  If a client requires to provide specific information to a subject (for example to challenge them) then they must physically separate/remove links or screenshots from any report provided - there must be no identifiable reference to VYD or the original report.  If it is subsequently identified that these conditions have not been met then the client will be liable to claims for any damages or injury subsequently incurred.

VYD will verify the identity of the client prior to commencement of work and the client must be able to demonstrate fully that the purposes for which they are engaging VYD are in line with VYD's business (assisting with the protection of online daters).  

Any other requests for the utilisation of VYDs advanced internet research (AIR) service will be considered upon their own merits and discretion to conduct this work will lay with VYD.

If for any reason a refund is agreed there will be a £5 charge to cover administration and banking costs.

By engaging VYD's services you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.