Firstly – whatever you may have read, Vet Your Date does not stalk people through Social Media!  

This is an advanced internet research service – read on...


Andy Bartram founded Vet Your Date (VYD) in July 2018 after repeatedly telling his wife that he knew all the tips and tricks they used on MTV's “Catfish” program (plus more by the way).

This inspired him to offer a service to try and help potential online daters from falling for some of the horrendous deceptions and frauds that, by the time you are reading this, you will hopefully be aware of.  

Since launch, VYD has had significant publicity both nationally and internationally and articles have appeared in The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, OK Magazine, Metro and Unilad and word of VYD's services has spread to USA, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Croatia and France (to name but a few) and continues to spread!    

A “Catfish” is described online as somebody that may “lure (someone) into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona”.  

Victims of catfishing have been conned into sending intimate pictures, had strangers try to infiltrate their lives to get to others, lost thousands of pounds and, although this may seem like the least of these issues, had their hearts broken and trust in others shattered.  

If its happened to you you'll know this already but did you ever stop to think you might not be the only victim?

That profile picture that was stolen for the dating site belonged to somebody – somewhere there could be some poor person being accused by their significant other of looking for love elsewhere!

Andy is a Royal Navy veteran (yes, a vet!) and aside from his six years with the military he has spent 10 years as an Intelligence Analyst and completed numerous courses, including his favourite (open source intelligence analysis of course) for which he received training at the College of Policing.

Andy has a professional reputation as being the go-to person for finding information online – he has amazing attention to detail and will leave no stone unturned.  If anyone can help you, Andy can.

Andy is a keen family man and his other interests include running, snooker and eating nice food.


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