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***“Qualified to be the perfect catfish hunter”*** The Sun, 10/08/2018

*** “What a great idea for people to make them feel a bit safer about dating online”*** BBC Radio (The Johnny I'Anson Show, 16/08/2018)

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What do you really know about your potential significant other?

What do you want to know?

What should you know - could you be one of the thousands that's been (or about to have been) defrauded or left heartbroken or humiliated?

We are here to help protect you.

In the online world pre-dating checks need to become the norm; 30 years ago people would turn up at a house and drive away in a second hand car they'd just bought. No checks, taken on trust. Nowadays that would rarely happen - registration checks would be done to make sure the car hasn't been in an accident, stolen etc. Don't let your next relationship be a "cut and shut" - Vet Your Date.

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